The Answer as to Why Do We Need Sleep

The Answer as to Why Do We Need SleepSleep is the process wherein the body gets relaxed. The brain activity is lowered for some time and the voluntary body activities are paralyzed. Sleep is man’s ultimate form of rest in every day of their lives. Sleep is actually governed by some laws of time and body physiology. The body clock tells the body if it is time to sleep, this is the time when people get sleepy and if they fight it longer than enough the body will react to the messages given by the body clock like falling eyelids, loss of body coordination and mixed up mental activity.

It is natural for human beings to sleep. It is a requirement for survival and it is a requirement for humans to do their job efficiently. Sleep is a natural course in the everyday lives that is why human feel sleepy during their supposed bedtime. It might be necessary to stay awake for some hour longer but it will be a detriment not only to the sleeping process if it is done in a regular basis.

The Need to Sleep

Some people say that they are the people who do not need sleep. They say they can fight it. But this are the people who are likely to work less efficiently compared to the people who sleep. Sleep is a need; first basic reason is that sleepiness can cause accidents. This usually happens in the roads where people tend to drive home late night and their body coordination malfunctions. And they also tend to sleep while driving. This causes not just road accidents but damage to property and the possible loss of lives. Lack of sleep can also affect the total brain activity of the person. The usual mental activity like basic calculations will take longer than usual. Memory is also being affected. This is because the brain did not get its proper rest so it gets worn out causing its activities to slow.

Lack of sleep also causes the person to get a little bit moody. They get easily irritated and they tend to react with situations rashly. It can also cause a lot of health problems like heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes. This is because of the stress and strain that the body has to endure while it is awake. The muscles and veins are acquiring a lot of pressure causing all of these health problems.

Lack of sleep can also affect the skin health. The luster of the skin is lost because of too much stress. The skin cells are reacting to the strain in the veins and the muscles that is why it is not getting enough blood and oxygen.

These are the reasons why we need to sleep. Sleep allows the body to rest and to regenerate the body’s activities. Sleep brings the whole body in a state wherein it is like being recharged. This helps the cells of the whole body to release stress and work properly once it wakes up. The question why we need to sleep can be answered with many answers like the ones above. But the simplest answer is that we suffer without it.

Restless Sleep: All about Insomnia

sdThere are many people who are very tired from their work, school, and other daily activities. In order to gain their strength and energy they must sleep at least 8 hours a day. But sometimes there are people who can’t sleep because of different reasons. Thinking your problems may prevent you from sleeping. But the most common cause of a restless sleep is the Insomnia. It is a common sleep problems or disorders among all ages especially in the senior citizens. If you experienced this kind of disorder you must write down all the symptoms you experiences and you must discuss it with the physician.  The physicians will help you in making the correct diagnosis.

The Insomnia Disorder

According to the experts the most common symptoms of insomnia is difficulty in sleeping. The other associated symptoms with insomnia are anxiety and depression. Insomnia will also affect the mental capability of a person that will result into short memory and poor concentration. Insomniac people are usually awake at the middle of the night and having trouble on falling asleep again. Insomniac people are easily irritated without any cause especially during the day. They also experienced decrease in mental sluggishness and alertness.

Insomnia symptoms will last according to the type of insomnia. Transient insomnia is the most common of all and the people are usually experience its symptoms for several nights. In case of short term insomnia, the symptoms will last for two or three consecutive weeks. If the symptoms will last over three weeks the patient is suffering from Chronic Insomnia. There are some health experts who distinguish the insomnia between primary and secondary. People who have primary insomnia are usually experiencing fatigue, waking several times and difficulty in falling asleep. This insomnia will last for several months and the cause is unknown. While the secondary insomnia is known as the underlying medical condition and usually cause by depression.

Treatments for Insomnia

In order to diagnose the condition of restless sleep as insomnia, the physician or doctor will make sure that the symptoms are not caused of any other sleep diseases or side effects of any drugs or medication. The other sleeps disorders may be detected in the patient are phobias, mania, depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder. If you are experiencing insomnia right now you must cure it with simple home remedies but when it crosses two weeks or more and you start feeling disoriented, groggy and totally lost, it is the perfect time to go and consult a physician.

The physician will ask different questions about your daily activities and life style in order to figure out the cause and type of your insomnia. Once they find out the type of your insomnia they will give the right medication for you. If you really want to know more information about insomnia you can try reading different reviews on the internet coming from different people across the globe. You can also try drinking a glass of milk everyday or before you go to sleep because it conditioned your body.