How to Sleep – the Process of Sleep

How to Sleep – the Process of SleepEverything that happens in our body is a process. This is the fact that keeps everything in the body stay in their rightful order. It is like cause and effect. The way we were born was a process; eating is a process; death is a process and so is sleep.

Our understanding of sleep is actually different from what it really is. Sleep is an activity in itself. Even though our bodies will stop moving a lot for that time being, it is still at work. The amount of work may not be that same as it is when you are awake but is still working. This is the body’s way of keeping itself alive and the only way for the body to make sure that you will wake up the next morning.

The Stages of Sleep

There are several stages of sleep. The first stage is actually light sleep it is the transition between being awake and the sleep itself. The brain is still conscious in this stage, but the body movements are starting to paralyze. A person who suddenly wakes up at this stage will probably say that they were not sleeping yet. In stage 2, the body is having its transition from light sleep to deep sleep. During this stage the breathing will slow and so does the heartbeat. The brain starts to sudden bursts of frequencies to block out all external factors that might wake us up. Stage 3 is deep sleep. The body is totally unresponsive to outside factors like noise and movement. Sleep walking starts in this stage and so does bed wetting. It is also characterized by the release of delta waves from the brain that is why this is sometimes called delta sleep. Stage 4 is the official REM sleep or Rapid Eye Movement Sleep. This is the time when the activity of the brain pumps up and dreams will start to come in. The breathing starts to be faster again and the voluntary muscles will start to paralyze in order to prevent the body from acting out the brain activity.

There are some disorders in this sleep process. One is called REM sleep behavior disorder which is characterized by the failure of the voluntary muscles to paralyze. That means that the activities of the brain during sleep are acted out like speaking, standing walking and shouting. Some people are having a hard time to sleeping. Here are some tips on how to sleep better.

The amount of light is one very important factor. The body tends to sleep better and faster if the light is less or it is totally dark. The mental activity can affect the sleeping process. This is because the process is disrupted by the brain activity. This usually happens if the person is anxious, depressed or angry. Carbohydrates can also help the sleeping process, but be sure that they are in the right amount. Also avoid caffeine before sleep.

The body did not learn how to sleep. It is a natural process that is needed by the body to regenerate its strength. Without sleep, we don’t only lose energy; we can also lose our lives if we did not have any sleep for how many days.

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